Members’ Artwork

Guild members may choose to have an artist page on this website. Click here to read the necessary information regarding the creation or updating of a member artist page and link.

Active Adult Members

Oils/Acrylic Artists

Watercolor Artists

Photographers/Digital Artists

Other Media Artists

  • Melinda Bitzel
  • Loretta Conner (pan pastels)
  • Sandra Gilpin (painted Scherenschnitte)
  • Sue Greenfield (oils and mixed media, illustrations)
  • Barbara Hess (colored pencil, watercolor)
  • Jon Jurasic
  • Laurel Jurasic
  • Jennifer Longo (pencil, marker)
  • Julie Miller (pressed flower art)
  • Anita Mitchell (pastels, watercolor)
  • Shelby Pizzarro (collage, conventional and digital, mixed media)
  • David Sharp
  • Andrew Smith (clay monoprints)

3-D Artists

  • James Mackey (found object art)
  • Anna Miler (clay [wheel-thrown, hand-build])
  • Lee Ann Miller (fused glass, stained glass)
  • Stephanie O'Brien
  • Michael Parameros (sculpture)
  • Prudence Aliminosa Reichart (pottery, gourd art, quilting, painting, woodcraft)
  • Tom Richards (woodworking)
  • Jeffrey Rosenzweig
  • Ray Snyder (pottery - dishes, clocks, etc.)
  • John Sokolovich (metal sculpture)

Fiber/Jewelry Artists

  • Joanne Bast (fiber art)
  • Mande Boublitz
  • Carol Gadd
  • Martha E. Horman
  • Julie Mosebrook (fused glass jewelry)
  • Darlene Rose (jewelry)
  • Deb Ruths (fabric crafts, acrylics on wood)
  • Virginia Walker (fabric arts, painting)

Multi-Medium Artists

  • Charlotte Bakey (watercolor, pastel, acrylic, colored pencil)
  • Melinda Bitzel
  • Robin Deardorff (oils/acrylic, photography, 3-D, crafts)
  • Wendy Doyle (acrylic, graphite)
  • Fran Drisgill (oils/acrylic, watercolor)
  • Jerry Gadd (oils, watercolor)
  • Barbara Geesey (oils/acrylic, Gullah dolls)
  • Stanley Gilmore Jr. (watercolor, drawing, various med
  • Karen S. Huston (oils, pen & ink, eggshells, wood tables)
  • Holly Korman (painting and crafts)
  • Cathy Mitzel (oils/acrylic, watercolor)
  • Mary Moores (oils/acrylic, pastels)
  • Timothy Myers (oils, pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, 3D printing, digital art)
  • Deborah Nell (oils/acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, Yupo paper)
  • Susan Runkle (acrylic, polymer clay crafting)
  • Emily Shoey (terra cotta clay, Maiolica painting techniques, PMC jewelry)
  • Edna M Stinefelt (oils/acrylic, graphite drawing, Ukrainian egg decorating)
  • Jane West (oils/acrylic, watercolor, folk crafts)
  • Charlotte A. Yealey (oils, watercolor, pastels, colored pencil)