Robin Arter Deardorff is a lifelong resident of Hanover, PA, and is one of the Guild's many talented, multi-medium artists.

Robin is mainly a self-taught artist, but enhanced her skills by taking art classes at South Western High School in Hanover, PA, and also an oils class taught by Steve Stroup, another Guild member, before graduating in 1980.  She spent almost 20 years in the design department at Eisenhart Wallcoverings, also in Hanover.

Now, Robin is a freelance wallcovering designer.  "My wallcovering designs are both hand painted and computer rendered.  For my other work, I work in oils mostly, but also in watercolor and acrylics.  I like to do animals and scenics--anything nature related, and also fantasy art.  I also do photography, polymer clay sculpture, collage, handmade cards, garden design and other crafts."