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The Hanover Area Arts Guild is anxious to help you get into your art groove! To register for any of the in-person classes listed, visit the Guild (32 Carlisle Street, Hanover, PA) or call (717) 632-2521.

Spontaneous Watercolor--Instructor, Stanley Gilmore
Held at HAAG

January 5-February 9
Wednesdays 10am-Noon

Students will learn how to create interesting compositions using spontaneous methods. Watercolor is very fluid when using the wet on wet techniques that produce unique results. Students will mix colors, that because of the fluidity of wet on wet, will create forms but minus detailing. Paintings will take on their own unique identity as detailing is added that enhance the individuality of each student's composition. Techniques will be taught through demonstrations that will reflect these creative approaches in the use of doing spontaneous watercolors.

Supplies for class: 

• Colors with substitutes in parentheses

Azo Green (Sap Green)
Azo Yellow  (Lemon Yellow)
Dioxazine Purple (Can mix Ultramarine Blue & Alizarin Crimson)
Neutral Tint
Indian Yellow (Cadmium Yellow Dark or mix cad red, burnt umber, and yellow ochre)
Phthalo Green Blue (Viridian)
Quinacridone Rose (Alizar Crimson)
Scarlet Pyroll (Perylene, Scarlet, or a very bright red)
Transparent Red Iron Oxide (Burnt Sienna)
Ultramarine Blue
Burnt Umber
Yellow Ochre 

9x12 watercolor paper 140 lb weight
Pallet to mix paint
Foam board or anything else to tape the watercolor paper to be secure
Spray bottle
Brush that holds water for wet on wet
Liner brush/rigger
Pen holder for drawing point #225 to draw very thin lines using watercolor
Round brushes two or three sizes
Flat brush ½” maybe 1”
Any brushes you may have that are close to these mentioned
Container for water
Anything you like to use regarding doing watercolor 


Children’s Drawing Class--Instructor, Steven Stroup
Held at Steven Stroup’s Studio $80.00

Feb. 5,12,19, 26th. Saturdays 1-3PM, Ages 8- 14. Class held at Instructors studio:
19 E. Middle St., 
Cost: $75 members, $80 nonmembers

Course Description:

Students will learn the joy of drawing while learning the fundamentals of composition, contour drawing and how to make their drawings 3D. Subjects will include still life, animals and cartoons.

Supplies required: 11x 14 sketch pad, sketch pencils, H, HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B, and a pencil eraser


Alla Prima Oil Painting (Adults)--Instructor, Sharon Benner
Held at HAAG $80.00

Jan 11, 2022 -Feb 15, 2022, 12:00 - 3:00,  cost:  $80.00


Titanium white
Ultramarine blue
Cobalt blue
Cadmium yellow
Yellow ochre
Cadmium orange
Cadmium red
Dioxazine purple
Alizarin crimson

Canvas panels 9x12
Brushes and palette knife
Paper towels
Pizza box (to carry home wet painting)
Photo to paint from


All Things Paper!-Instructors, Julie Gelsinger, Grace Flemion, Annabelle Scobie

Saturday 3/12 and 3/19, 9am-12pm
$50 members
$60 non-members
Ages 5 and older

Come and work with paper in all kinds of ways! Learn the art of papermaking and techniques including but not limited to folding origami, quilling, collaging, bookbinding and stitching, etc. Artists will be guided to create unique works to call their own.


Open Studio

Every Friday, 1 - 3 PM
Members Only

Members can drop in to work on their creative projects with like-minded member artists. Bounce ideas off each other or simply enjoy their company.

This is a free option for all Guild members. Note that there is a Guild staff member on duty in the gallery, but the group time is self-led. Come and go as you wish.

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