Exhibit Schedule 2019

Annual $99 & Under Show & Sale (July 2nd - August 3rd)

This annual show and sale is a great opportunity to find a wonderful handmade gift at a reasonable price, and will be featured in the Bittinger Gallery room.  A mini-show of work by Students in the Arts Guild Classes will be displayed in the West Gallery Room.

Arts Guild Scholarship Winners (August 6th - 31st)

This special exhibit will feature recent art made by past scholarship winners.  Also on display this month will be art by The Teachers of the Annual School Student Show.  It will all be shown in the Bittinger Gallery room.  Art by Guild Members will be on display in the West Gallery room.

Trash to Treasure/New Art with Old Vinyl Records Show (September 3rd - 28th)

There will be two shows this month to challenge our member artists:  The Trash to Treasure Show is back, plus we're adding the New Art with Old Vinyl Records Show.  See what happens when member artists create with objects found in the basement, garage, attic, and who knows where else!

Plein-Air Painters Group Show (October 1st - 26th)

The Arts Guild's Plein-Air Painters Group will show their work in the Bittinger Gallery room.  Art by Guild Members will be on display in the West Gallery room.

51st Annual Fall Show & Sale (October 29th - November 30th)

Our 51st Annual Fall Show & Sale will feature all new work by Guild Members throughout the gallery.  The reception and awards ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, November 3rd, 2-4pm.

Holiday Gallery aka Gallery of Gifts (November 19th - December 27th)

The Holiday Gallery will be open, plus many pieces from the Fall Show will remain on display.  This will be a GREAT place to find gifts for your loved ones for the holidays!

Exhibit Schedule 2020

South Western High School Drawing & Painting 4 Class (January 3rd - 11th)

Artwork by juniors and seniors in this advanced study class is featured in our gallery to start each year.  Reception Friday, January 10th, 7-9pm.

Art by Our Members (January 14th - February 29th)

Our Guild Members are featured throughout the gallery.

39th Annual School Art Show (March 3rd - 21st)

Artwork by students from 12 area schools fills the gallery for this annual event.  Always a great exhibit and wonderful to see the blooming talent in our community.  Reception Sunday, March 8th, 1-3pm.


April Spring Clean-up (March 23rd - 28th)

The gallery and classroom will be closed this week for Spring Cleaning.

5th Open Exhibit (March 31st - April 25th)

Work by member and non-member artists compete for cash awards in this annual exhibit.  Work in several different media categories will be featured.  An opportunity to see our members' works alongside entries from other artists in the area!  Reception Sunday April 5th, 2-4pm, Awards presented at 3pm.

Annual Miniature Art Exhibit (April 28th - May 30th)

Members are challenged to produce and display artworks that fit into very small size guidelines.  All images must be only 24 square inches -- or less.  A unique exhibit, not to be missed!

Thinking in Three Dimensions (June 2nd - 27th)

Jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, works in wood, metal and more, will be featured.  See the variety of work produced by our members who specialize in 3-D art.

Annual $99 & Under Show and Sale (June 30th - August 29th)

Members will stock the gallery with art priced to sell.  A great time to buy!

The Photographer's Eye (September 1st - 26th)

Fine-art photography, in a variety of traditional and digital formats and styles, will be displayed.  All work will be by Art Guild members.

Annual Plein Air Painters Exhibit (September 29th - October 31st)

A group of our members meets each week to pursue the art of plein-air painting, depicting many local scenes found in the Hanover Area.  This show will feature work created by these artists over the past year.

52nd Annual Fall Show and Sale (November 3rd - 28th)

This is a long-standing Hanover tradition and a must-see event!  Member artists will display all-new work in a variety of media and compete for awards.  Many works will remain on display until the end of the year. Reception Sunday, November 8th, 2-4pm.

The Art Downtown Holiday Gallery (November 27th - December 31st)

Our gallery will be ready for Christmas shoppers. Find that special gift of art for your family and friends here!