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Note that the online process has two steps, including both an informational form and payment via PayPal. The membership application/renewal is not complete until after the payment is completed via Paypal. Thank you!

FAQs & Forms

Gallery Guidelines

General Information

The Hanover Area Arts Guild, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. It always welcomes new members who bring talents and ideas, helping to keep the organization growing. It is a source of enjoyment for those who participate. The Guild also welcomes those who do not desire to become active members but enjoy and support the artistic abilities of others. The Guild relies on members volunteering their time and talents to keep the Gallery operating.

Gallery Inventory, Display of Art, and Storage Policies

Members should read and be aware of Guild policies regarding the inventory, display, and storage of member art. The policy is available by clicking here.

Gallery Policies

1. Sales donations to Guild on items sold: 20% on items $100.00 or under, and 30% on items over $100.00.  A check will be mailed to the artist a few days after the end of each month.

2. The Gallery requires no donation on any order or referral a member may obtain by exhibiting his or her work in the Gallery.

3. Any active member volunteering 35 or more hours annually to staff the Gallery will pay only a 15% donation on sales for one full year.

4. Judged Guild Shows: Active members are automatically eligible to participate in shows. A small entry fee is required for the Fall and Spring Shows to help defray the costs of judging. Due to the importance of our judged shows (such as the Spring and Fall Shows) only works not shown in the Gallery before will be accepted for these shows. This applies only to the judged shows and not for our other monthly shows.

5. Other Exhibits: Specialty show promotional costs are shared equally by participating members of said shows (such as one-person or small-group artist exhibits).

6. Art Classes & Workshops: All members will be granted a discount on art and craft classes and workshops given by Guild instructors.

7. Newsletter: Members receive newsletters about Guild activities on a regular basis. Information updates are also provided to members by email and on our web site.

8. A personal Artist Page is available, at no cost, to show photographs of your work on this website. If you are interested, contact the front desk for more information.

9. Standards: We reserve the right to reject any members' work which is not the original creation of the artist. All work must be original. Copies of another's work, kits, or patterns are not acceptable. The work should show attention to neatness and craftsmanship, a quality approach to presentation, and an overall professional appearance. Commercially produced elements may not comprise a major component of any work. We also ask that art be appropriate for viewing by all age groups.

10. All work displayed in the Gallery must be for sale, unless it is otherwise announced for certain specialty shows or other exhibits.

Please Note: Upon expiration of membership, any property left at the Gallery by a former member will become the property of the Hanover Area Arts Guild after 60 days. The Guild reserves the right to sell or dispose of unclaimed work as it sees fit.

Procedures for signing in your artwork

When you are bringing your artwork to be displayed in the Gallery, there is a sign-in binder at the front desk.  Each item is listed with your assigned artist #, title or description, and price. (Exception: Multiple similar items of the same price, such as note cards.) Gallery tags must be completed and attached to artwork. Small tags are provided for miniature paintings and other small works. Front desk staff will answer any questions you may have.

Removing your artwork from the Gallery

Artwork may be removed during regular business hours by updating your list in the sign-in/out binder (If your artwork is part of a special monthly show, it should remain during the entirety of the show).

Displaying your Art

The gallery committee will hang all monthly shows, typically on the first Tuesday of each month. All hanging art must be properly prepared (see framing guidelines below). All art must be labeled with an art tag (available at the counter) with your Artist #, Name, Title and Price. This tag is attached to hang under the lower right side of the piece. Jewelry and high-priced craft items should be displayed in the glass cases. Craft items may be arranged on tables in the Gallery, or crafters may bring their own tables with the approval of the gallery committee. Each craft item must be labeled with at least your Artist # and price, with an attached tag or stick-on label. The desk employee/volunteer will answer your questions and offer assistance as needed.



These guidelines are necessary to make sure work in the gallery has a clean, professional
appearance, and to ensure the safe handling of your work. The gallery committee has been
finding more problems with framing, and will decline to hang work that is not framed properly.


1. Make sure your frame is in good shape and free of scratches and flaws. Corners must be sturdy and intact.
2. Frame work done on paper (watercolors, drawings, pastels) under glass or Plexiglas. Mats are highly recommended for all works on paper.
3. Make sure glass/Plexiglas is clean and free of scratches. Make sure mats are clean and carefully cut.
4. Attach backing paper to the frame with double-sided tape. Trim edges neatly.
5. Make sure the art is wired to hang using these guidelines:

  • Attach d-rings or screw eyes to the back of the frame no more than 1/3 of the distance from the top of the frame.
  • Use only standard braided picture wire (available at Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, etc.).
  • Loop the wire through the D-ring or screw eye, and wind it around itself 6-8 times.
  • Trim any sharp ends of the wire.
  • Make sure the wire is not visible when the picture is hung.


1. DON’T use duct tape or masking tape as backing or to hold the work in the frame. (Why?
Duct tape looks unsightly and doesn’t hold up. Masking tape will eventually discolor anything it
is in contact with.)
2. DON’T use wire other than standard braided picture wire. Solid hardware wire and electrical
wire is unacceptable. String or nylon cord is also unacceptable.
3. DON’T allow sharp ends to protrude from the wire on back of the frame.
4. DON’T attach picture wire to anything other than D-rings or screw eyes.
5. DON’T submit work in damaged or dirty frames.
6. DON’T submit works on paper unless they are protected under clean glass or Plexiglas.

Stretched canvases can be unframed if the edges are neatly painted. Attach wire to the back of the stretcher bars in the same manner as described above for framed work. The gallery committee will not hang improperly framed work. We want all art to look its best when it is hung in the Arts Guild Gallery. If a problem is found with framing, the artist will be
contacted and asked to make the required changes before the work is hung.

Artist of the Month Display

Each month an individual artist has the opportunity to display their paintings or crafts on the right wall when you first walk into the gallery. This is a great way to showcase your work for other members and the public.  Because it is open to public view, we ask that all works be "family-friendly."  Contact the front desk to let us know you are interested in signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the gallery's hours of operation?

We are open to the public on Tuesday through Saturday, Noon - 5 pm.  During these times there will be someone at the front desk to help with any of your needs.  We are closed Sunday, Monday and holidays.

Do you show and sell works from famous artists?

We are here to support and showcase local artists as they grow and develop their individual talents and businesses.  "Famous" is a relative term; we'd all love to be famous one day, so although we don't have any Van Gogh, Monet, or Pollock original pieces, we have plenty of talented artists who use similar techniques!

I have some framed art I'd like to get rid of.  Do you buy works of art from people's personal collections?

We only showcase work from current Guild members, and we do not buy pieces from the general public.  However, we can refer you to local art appraisers if you think it might be worth something!

I have some old paintings that need to be cleaned/fixed.  Can you help me?

While we personally don't offer that, we can refer you to some great art restoration services!

I have some old frames, art books, and/or art supplies that I want to donate.

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept frames or books. We will consider accepting art supplies if they are unused or in good condition, and if it is something that can be used in our classes or by members. Please, always ask the front desk employee/volunteer to contact a board officer before dropping something off at the gallery.

Do you have a layaway policy?

Yes!  We will be glad to hold items for our customers, but with the following conditions:

  • A deposit of 50% of the marked price is required.  Make sure you ask for a dated receipt.
  • The item must be paid in full within two weeks of the date of the layaway.
  • If the item is not paid in full on time, it will go back on sale, and the deposit will be forfeited.

How much does it cost to become a Guild member?

Active (adult) membership: $50/year.

Family membership: $75/year.

Student (K-College) membership: $20/year.

Supporting membership: >$40/year.

What are the benefits of becoming a Guild member?

Becoming a member allows you to show and sell your work in our gallery. You'll be added to our mailing list, and will receive bi-monthly newsletters and important gallery info. Also, Guild members receive a discount for classes and workshops that we offer!

Do you have to have prior art training for Guild classes?

While some classes and workshops are more advanced, we offer a variety of opportunities for those new to a medium!