An avid Birder all his life, with an impressive "life list" of birds from all over the world, including some very rare species, Ron didn't take up photography seriously until he was out of college and the military and married Ellen.

Then he had no choice but to strap on a few cameras and start snapping pictures.  Although his favorite subjects were always the birds, he quickly expanded his repertoire to include his other favorite subject: all wildlife.  His love for these subjects were enhanced by his travels to all 7 continents, all 50 states, and over 55 countries.  The absolute highlight of all these photographic journeys was his work in Africa.  His wildlife images from there have been widely viewed in exhibits and in a variety of programs for clubs and schools.

Ron is a tireless devotee of perfecting his craft, both through learning, educational meetings, books, online classes, and simply going out and using his camera to capture whatever catches his eye.

He attempts different aspects for his landscape images, often finding what is not at first noticed by the human eye.  His love for wildlife photography and action shots of "subjects" which don't stand still has led to his desire to perfect his dance photography.

Ron has exhibited his work in many venues and belongs to several camera clubs.  Photography for Ron is an opportunity for constant learning, both technical and artistic, and motivates him to be always aware of the beauty and curiosities in the world around him.

He can be reached at [email protected] or 717-249-3784.