Sandra Desrosiers

Sandra Derosiers —Traditional Oil Painter

Inspired by classical heroes such as Bouguereau, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Da Vinci, realism artist Sandra Desrosiers paints striking scenes staged in dramatic light and shadow. Touched by great personal tragedy, Sandra finds painting a source of healing and a way to reshape her world with beauty, one painting at a time. “The gift of oil painting has enabled me to create beauty from ashes." says the artist. "Always striving for dramatic scenes that envelop the viewer with the simplicity and beauty of ordinary objects.”

Her classical training with Hans Guerin of the Schuler School and Brandon Flye of Zoll Studio (both Baltimore based art schools), has allowed her to learn many of the secretive techniques and skills of the Old Masters she admires. Using layering techniques taking hours, days, and even weeks, allows to artist to reach a higher degree of realism in her work. Sandra’s work which encompasses still life, and portraits (both animal and human) has been awarded numerous honors and has been recognized on both the National and International stage. Several original works rendered by this well rounded artist can be found hanging is private collections. Originally from Williamsport, PA, Desrosiers maintains a studio/gallery in her Hanover, PA residence where she continues to paint the layers of her life.


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