"We often hear how one small event can change the direction of our lives.  My 'one small event' was seeing a Scherenschnitte demonstration in the early 1970s.

"A desire to learn more about the art form has led to a full time career as a professional paper-cutter.

"My papercuttings are a reflection of my Swiss and German heritage and a desire to continue the tradition of Scherenschnitte.  Inspiration for my traditional and contemporary designs may develop from a quotation, museum research, or the discovery of interesting details that surround me in my travels.  Once I create a design, I translate that into a papercutting by drawing the design on parchment paper with a pencil and pen and ink.  The design is embellished with watercolor and ink.  Surgical scissors and X-acto knife are used to cut out the design which is then displayed in a faux-finish frame.  For me, the challenge of papercutting is bringing together the mechanical techniques and the aesthetic elements to create a work of art that is visually pleasing and sometimes provides food for thought.

"Early American Life magazine directory has recognized me as one of 200 outstanding traditional craftsmen in America.  My papercuttings have been featured in several books and national publications.  In 1999, I was invited to display a papercutting on the White House Christmas tree.  My papercuttings have been exhibited at fine craft shows, museum and gallery exhibitions.  The Guild of American Papercutters National Museum and the White House Christmas Ornament Collection have my papercuttings in their permanent collections.  I am a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and a founding member of the Guild of American Papercutters."

You can reach Sandra via email:  [email protected]

or by phone:  717.637.2535