Herb Kemme is a Hanover, PA fine art photographer who has been honing his craft since his graduate school days over 50 years ago.

Over much of that time, he created black and white photographs in a dark room setting using a silver halide-based paper medium.  Today he is creating his artwork in a totally digital environment.  His work, which has earned a number of first place awards, reflects an effort to capture the magnificent subtleness and beauty of nature, as well as to extract an artistic rendering of manmade objects.

His photographic spectrum varies between photo-realism and abstraction in an effort to isolate and distill the essence of what is being observed.  He views art as that which goes beyond mere looking.

Herb's artwork is printed on archival fine art photographic paper using a professional wide color gamut printer and using only the highest quality archival pigments to achieve maximum longevity.  The photograph is also treated with an archival varnish to keep the original color values from fading.