Second Annual Hanover Against Hunger Silent Auction

Last year the Hanover Area Arts Guild partnered with Hanover Against Hunger to hold its first-ever Silent Art Auction. Due to the success of that event, the Guild is hosting another auction which is running concurrently with its 99 and Under Show from June 28 through August 27. Local Guild artists have donated a range of artwork in different media to be auctioned in support of this nonprofit, which enables the local organization to hold a community-wide meal packing event every two years.

At last year’s event, 73,000 meals were prepared, primarily for school-age children. The goal for the next scheduled event, to be held on November 4, 2023, is to pack over 200,000 meals. By meeting this goal, the Hanover community will have packed over one-half million meals since the events began in 2012. To achieve this goal, $78,000 must be raised.

You can help. Come visit the Guild. While you are here, enjoy the 99 and Under Show and bid on some sensational artwork to help fight hunger. If you are unable to stop by, review the wonderful artwork in our digital Gallery below and bid using the Online Bid Form. Deadline for bids is Saturday August 27, at 3 pm. All bidders will be contacted shortly after the close of the Auction and successful bidders will be notified at that time.

To learn more about Hanover Against Hunger, visit The Guild already has the Third Annual Silent Auction on its schedule for next year.

Silent Auction Gallery of Art

Please choose the artwork for your bid from the Gallery below and complete the Online Bid Form on the bottom of this page. Click on the Submit Button to enter your bid. Deadline for bids is Saturday, August 27, at 3 pm. Bidders will be notified of the results by eMail shortly after the bid closing. Thank you so much for supporting this local Meal Packing Event to help address world hunger.

High Bids Currently Received to Date:

  • #1 Lavender Orchid — $50.00
  • #2 Trumpet Vine — $100.00
  • #3 Rejecting the Shadow — $200.00
  • #4 Fruit in Glass Bowl — $50.00
  • #5 Wreath in Red, White and Blue — $75.00
  • #6 On the Path — $75.00
  • #7 Down the River — $115.00
  • #8 Lighthouse — $60.00
  • #9 Go It Alone — $120.00
  • #10 Double White — $20.00
  • #11 Rainbow Flower — $20.00
  • #12 "Ramblin" Pansie — $15.00
  • #13 Where the Eagles Cry — $40.00
  • #14 Along the Banks — $65.00
  •  #15 Going Home — $65.00
  •  #16 Levon — $85.00
  •  #17 Lance Fence — $50.00
  •  #18 Green Feather — $40.00
  • #19 Sunny — $125.00
  • #20 Fireflies — $100.00

Remember, if your original bid has been surpassed by another, you are encouraged to bid again. Please keep in mind that the goal of this fundraiser is to pack as many meals as we can to feed the hungry.

As Bids are received, they will be posted here. Thank You.

Silent Auction Online Bid Form