Shorb Rebecca Yates 2018

Excerpts from an interview by Isaac Jenkens:

"I have known Becky Shorb all my life.  To many of my friends, she has been a teacher, but for all of us, she has been an inspiration.

"She taught art in the Public School system for 28 1/2 years and devoted herself to sharing the joy of creation with all those under her tutelage.  Her commitment to her students left little time to pursue her own art.  Early on, she was a Gallery artist at the CatapaTel in Frederick, MD and from time to time she did shows.

"Retirement and the purchase of a summer cottage in Maine changed all that.  Living in an art community and spending time with friends who share her passion has allowed her freedom to follow her dream.  On the day of our interview she was wearing on of her typical pins, it said, "Hello, I'm Art", and you know what. she is!"

Becky is one of our Guild's Board Members and is actively involved in making our Gallery one of the best attractions in our community.