Her full name is Isabelle Marie Grammar Lau, but we all call her Izzy!

"I live in New Oxford, PA with my husband and 2 Old English Sheepdogs.  They are my 'children' now that my 5 sons are grown and on their own.  I have 10 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

"I love painting landscapes.  I have tried people and animals but with not much success.  My media is Acrylics.  I am self-taught with no more than high school art classes and have dabbled over the years with painting.

"Last year I became very drawn to the easel.  Not sure if this was the influence of my Uncle Sam's passing or not.  He was a very renowned artist in Oils.

"Uncle Sam said the brush told him what to paint.  I find myself understanding this now, as when I sit down with an idea in mind, the brush takes over and it never ends up with what I intended it to look like.  I am usually pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  I wish he were still here to see my work.

"I hope to try my hand at Oils in the near future.  We shall see!"