Dawn is an emerging artist working primarily in mixed media.  "My art brings together all of my artistic feelings and skills."

Originally from Maryland, she moved to York County, PA in 2005 with her husband and son.  Now an empty-nester, her passion is to lift others up with her one-of-a-kind art.

Emerging from self-education and a relentless determination to pursue her vision, Dawn's fiercely independent style is a culmination of her vast life experiences.  She expresses thoughts and emotions we all have deep within us that are difficult to articulate.  She often explores imagination in an abstract way.

When asked about her art, Dawn says, "I aspire to evoke the viewers creativity.  Each piece of art is created with love and is meant to be inspiring and uplifting."  Dawn's art is ever-evolving with her thoughts, life experiences and vision.

"It is very fulfilling to create beautiful pieces of art from unwanted and otherwise 'useless' objects.  When I start any piece of art, I usually begin with unrelated everyday objects that fit my idea, then I let the piece evolve naturally."

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