Sarah is a familiar face to Gallery visitors: she works at the front desk.  The Bowie, MD native had an art interest from an early age.  She discovered scratchboard in high school, and enjoyed teaching herself how to use the medium.

Sarah earned an AFA in Traditional Animation from Delaware College of Art & Design, then a BFA in Film from Pratt Institute.  That led to freelance work in post-production for TV and film (from Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer to Tic-Tac, iHeart Radio and an independent film shot in Lancaster, PA).

A move to Hanover with her fiancé brought her to the Arts Guild, where she now works part-time, and she is also our Webmaster!  Being inspired by all the different artists and mediums, Sarah delved back into scratchboard, and fell back in love with it, though she says she is still trying to master the human face.  You can sometimes catch her working on her latest piece in the Gallery, when she has a few spare minutes, that is...

Scratchboard is a medium involving typically a white "board" with a layer of dried black ink, and using a sharp-pointed tool, you scratch away the black to reveal the white underneath.  So inevitably, you have to think backwards.  It can be tricky at first, since you can't erase anything or put what you've scratched away back, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless!