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Felicity Sidwell grew up in England, and came to the United States with her
husband in 1971. She attended Silvermine School of Art in Connecticut and
has painted ever since, continuing to take workshops with artists whose work
she admires. Moving from Connecticut to Maine in 2006 and, to be nearer
grandchildren, in 2016 to Gettysburg PA. Felicity Sidwell is looking forward to
the new challenges of painting this beautiful countryside .

I am fascinated by our perception of changing moods in a landscape under
different light. Color nuances are constantly changing with the light, time of
day, weather and changing seasons. My goal is to convey this through both
Plein Air and studio work with ''paintings that take you there''

Felicity Sidwell is represented by the Richard Boyd Art Gallery, Peaks Island
Portland, ME , her work has been included in shows at Bayview Gallery in
Brunswick, Boothbay Region Arts Foundation Gallery, River Arts Gallery She
has had Solo shows in both Connecticut and Maine, and won a number of
awards for her watercolors in Connecticut.
After six successful years Felicity has closed her Sidwell Art Gallery on the coast
of Maine and will be exploring new directions in her art in Gettysburg PA.