Rachel Groden

2016 Art Guild's Scholarship Winner
Rachel Leigh Groden, daughter of Mike and Beth Groden of Abbottstown, is the 2016 recipient of the Hanover Area Arts Guild $1000 scholarship. She received the award at the annual membership meeting of the Arts Guild on Monday, June 27. Rachel is a 2016 graduate of New Oxford High School. While in high school, Rachel showed a strong focus on art, and garnered a number of awards for her artwork. A highlight was her participation in an art-based, school-sponsored trip to Peru. Rachel will begin study at West Chester University with a major in fine arts and graphic design. Each year, the Hanover Area Arts Guild awards a $1000 scholarship to a local high school senior who is pursuing post-secondary education in an art or art-related field. Seniors from schools that participate in the Arts Guild's annual school student show in March are eligible to compete for the scholarship.  Entries are judged based on a portfolio review and a written essay. Eric Miller is the Arts Guild's scholarship chairperson.

Application Form

Hanover Area Arts Guild

2017 Scholarship Information


AMOUNT: One award of $1000


ELIGIBILITY:  Only students who attend high schools that participated in the Guild’s 2015 School Student Show in March are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The student did not have to have a piece of work included in the School Show, but their high school must have been a participant. Applicants must be a senior who intends to continue her or his education in art or in a visual art-related field after high school. Applicants must include a letter of acceptance from a college, university, or other approved school of art with their application. Applicants will also be required to include a written essay with the application.


PORTFOLIO REQUIREMENTS:  A portfolio must be submitted, on CD (using .jpeg format), along with the completed application form and essay, by Saturday, April 30, 2016. Follow these guidelines:


·       Include no less than 7 and no more than 10 examples of art work on the CD.

·       Examples should represent work in at least 3 different media.

·       Three examples should be done in one medium.

·       One example must be a self-portrait (in any medium).

·       Photography may be included as one of the art media represented in the portfolio.

·       The essay should be typed in a 12-point standard font (Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman) and single-spaced.


EXAMPLE PORTFOLIO:  An acceptable portfolio could include images of 4 pencil drawings, 3 paintings, a mixed media piece, a photo of a pottery piece, and a photo of a sculpture project (all together, 10 images). One of these, in any medium, must be a self-portrait. Be sure the images are clearly photographed with adequate lighting. The artwork should fill the image. Three-dimensional work (sculpture, pottery, jewelry, etc.) should be photographed against a plain neutral gray background. The quality of the images will affect the judging of the art work.


ESSAY:  Applicants must write an essay (see typing guidelines above) of no less than 250 words and no more than 500 words. Write your response to this two-part prompt: Describe yourself as an artist now, in the present; then, go on to describe your vision for yourself, as an artist, 10 years from now.


JUDGING PROCESS:  Portfolios and essays will be judged by a committee of Hanover Area Arts Guild members. Points will be awarded based on criteria set by the Guild committee, and the highest scoring student will win the scholarship. Applicants will be notified of the results soon after the completion of the judging, which will be sometime in mid-May. The winner will be asked to meet with the committee at the Art Guild’s gallery after being notified, and to attend the Art Guild’s meeting on Monday, June 27, to receive the check and certificate.


HOW TO APPLY:  Deadline for entries is Saturday, April 30. To apply, mail the completed application form, along with your portfolio on CD, your essay, and a copy of your letter(s) of acceptance, to:  


Eric Miller, Scholarship Chairperson

1060 Fairview Drive

Hanover, PA 17331


Or, you may drop off your application and CD at the Hanover Area Arts Guild’s gallery, 32 Carlisle Street, Hanover. The gallery is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10-5, Friday 10-7, and Saturday 10-3. It is closed Sunday and Monday. If you choose to take your application to the gallery, please place the application, essay, and CD in one envelope, and clearly mark it Attn: Eric Miller. Ask the desk attendant to place it in my mailbox.


 FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Call Eric Miller at 637-1546, or email: