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If I had to choose a few favorite art subjects it would be the landscape and things from nature, but I also like the challenge of a portrait, and figure drawing.  I mostly work in pastel and oil.
I always thought I would take a drawing class “someday”.  I saw my mother start oil painting when she was close to retirement, my brother is a draftsman, and I have a great-aunt that paints in oils.  So, I decide to take a class about 15 years ago.  After the first two weeks I started to look and visualize things differently in the world and became hooked on making art.  Since then I’ve taken many classes and workshops and continue to love creating something from an idea and putting it on canvas.

A few of the artist that have inspired me, or have made paintings that I admire are: Rosa Bonheur, Clyde Aspevig, Marie Vigee-Lebrun, and John Singer Sargent…and so many more.

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