Guild Member
Stephen Stroup

"Hays Fording Bridge"
Oil  -  25"x30"

Stephen Stroup, a native of Hanover, PA, is not just an Oil painter.  Although Oil
is his personal medium of choice, he's also skilled in pencil, pen and ink, watercolor,
pastels and colored pencil.  He's been very active with the Guild over the years, he served
on the board for 33 years, was even President of the Guild numerous times,
and these days he does what he does best, teaching others in the way of art!

For over 30 years, he has offered classes from his home studio here in Hanover,
from classes that we promote each quarter, to one-on-one instruction specifically
designed for the artist seeking more direction without the large class setting. 
He teaches both youth and adults, currently his youngest student is 8, and his
oldest student is 86!

Stephen's purpose of his art is to immerse the viewer in the beauty of a given subject
and draw them in closer with the many little details which most people may never
take the time to observe and enjoy.  In today's world, we seem to be rushing from
point A to point B, and just don't take time to slow down and really
observe the total beauty that surrounds us daily.

Stephen's paintings include landscapes, seascapes, trains, florals,
portraits and historical landmarks.


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